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Prénom Ben
Anniversaire mardi 04 décembre 1979. (40 ans)
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Hello, woman of good principles! Greetings! I'm in a quest like if a dragon search will be. Looking for a woman with patience, fertile, for co-parenting a baby. Existentially I'm incomplete. After living the world and their experiences, create life is the most pure thing for a man. For a philosopher. I'm an artist, I can create art, reasoning, but never I've created life. Paradoxically. The void is deep. My greatest goal, is have a baby. And your mission, woman of good principles -if you decide to accept it- is help me to bring.. hope. For you and for me.

Ses valeurs, ses principes

Before anything, I'm a teacher. In Philosophy. I, firmly know that I can taught ethics, a moral, values that get distorted regularly. As I do with my students, I can educate a son with principles and knowledge of his atmosphere, and with the love that requires to help his ecosystem, the species and, overall, his own species.
I cannot give him appearance like a model, but my brain and my genetic. I'm a writer, musician, photographer, short film director. Most of the world, I would love a baby. I have no problem if the mother is white, Asian, Latin, African, etc., the most important is raise a baby.
Thank you for reading me.

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